Monday, August 22, 2016

The Assassin in India (6): Tucking up for a Bit

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"Got a guy, says he's Hindi. Foreigner. Call our group leader and take him to the meeting spot?"

I keyed it into my phone and sent out to both of them. My left hand was causing a problem with my texts, but I couldn't very well carry with it. I'd had to set down Ricky's rucksack to fish the location scrambler out of the hidden pocket in my money belt, so I found a shady spot where not too many people could see me. The chip went into the borrowed mobile's micro USB slot. Thank God he didn't have an Apple. Odds were that I'd get a quick reply. Either way it was hard for most people walking or driving to tell I was Anglo from this far away. I'd been getting some looks.

I rubbed my face while I was waiting for the dead Indian bloke's phone to chirp back and it came away sticky and disgusting. Fuck. I almost laughed. The left half of my face was bathed in blood. The phone chirped out a standard digitune while I fished for a cloth and treated my face to some isotonic water. I took a long pull off the bottle while my phone did all the heavy lifting and translated the message.

"We got a buyer. Wait til dark. Meet up at the hall at 8." I keyed in a quick reply.
"He mention Vinay. Don't know if it's a problem."

While I was waiting, Ricky's voice came over my radio, scaring the living shit out of me. Guess I wouldn't need the eppie stick.

"Soooo…" Ricky drawled…"that guy I was going to meet. That still on?"

I laughed. Should Ricky crawl up the building and shoot him now that he found him. I glanced up at the sky to check for choppers, but it was hard to see in the city centre. I had an itch to say yes, the skive had spotted the lot of us, and could probably put out some pretty good IDs. But it's possible he wasn't military, and my money said that Ricky would get dead if he went up on that rooftop with helicopters all over the place. I heard sirens in the distance. They'd called in the local cops for help.

"Invite him out for a coffee later, we gotta meet those girls. NNW23. Now 224."
I gave him my progress and next eight blocks worth of walking from our last meet up, clipping the radio as I said it in case the guys had theirs on and weren't muffling it. I needed Ricky to come get his pack now, or it was getting ditched.

"Got it. Tell them to keep the engine warm." He wasn't far. I clicked off my radio and checked the mobile one last time. My dead Indian chap's other friend had checked in with a question. Word was moving, wasn't it? Thankfully my first contact had replied fast- handing out intelligence treats will do that.

"Don't try to get ahold of Vinay, they're not friends. IAF moved so we gotta get him to the meeting hall now. Vihaan says not to talk to anyone else. He's a keeper."

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