Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Assassin in India (4) - Working finkers

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We'd go ahead one by, not as a unit. But the civilians parked near us didn't need to know that. I took a minute to work out how fast rumors travelled. Nagpur was a tourist spot city, and we only had four FLET. There weren't that many white males with rucksacks there. We might need to drop them and cut free.

"Speak English?" I asked the guy puffing on my fag. He shrugged. I'd taken a bit of a chance putting out orders in front of him, but he had two bullets buried in his house, so it was worth it since my cover was proper fucked.

"I'm just a tourist, that's all," I told him and he laughed. I checked the room over again. There weren't any real religious items in with the bits and bobs around the house, so I was taking a punt if I talked more, but we'd already hit our drop spot and the Brahmin wasn't there.

She was some hot shit on scuttlebutt lately so I wasn't about to drop names, but maybe I could shake something loose. He was dumb enough to laugh at my joke so he spoke English and wasn't well connected, didn't have a lot of cake from up. But people talk. I was too well kicked up to touch my gun, but I felt it pressing against my side. Ricky still hadn't checked in. I hoped he wasn't taking a sight. I'd put him next to me for a reason, he had a mouth like a hot bird.

"We were heading in to visit the Dragon Temple, to worship Ganesh," I continued, puffing once on my cigarette as the seconds ticked off in my head. Joey, my corporal, would move first and I'd go last, 15 seconds apart. It was as tight as we could cut it with choppers and a sniper out there. The guy gave me a bit of a look and I went on, talking just like I would at one of my friends back home. I'd mixed the two temples on purpose, and she wasn't a priestess at either.

"One of my mates back home is government. Way high up." I paused and pulled a face and he took a seat, vibrating with interest.

"Somebody must have got ahold of something over here. It's never happened before, but it's the only reason I can think of that we're getting shot at. M' mate warned us all to bring protection, but none of us thought thing's'd go to pot." He glared at the wall and I winced. At least he didn't have a hole in him. I was leading him through the gaps in my story faster than he could work them, emotionally. Hopefully he'd cough up some chatter in the five minutes I had to sit here and shoot the shit with him.

"My friend said something about unrest before me and the boys came here. I don't know. There aren't a lot of Hindi's in England. They tend to keep us together."

"You came at a bad time. You owe me money." I looked at the wall again and flinched. I had a cash belt, but I wasn't going to use it. Instead I reached in my pocket and pulled out a handful of lower rate bills. I'd have to swap out some of my bigger ones with one of the boys when we bunkered back down.

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