Friday, August 26, 2016

Terry Goodkind : Wizard's First Rule

Welcome to a world of magic and mystery, of boundaries and guardians, of magic that is born, locked away, and sometimes destroyed. Welcome to the Wizard's First Rule- People are stupid.

Goodkind creates a republic of countries that are loosely ruled over by a group of women named the Confessors. Confessors have the ability to command loyalty so extreme that it drives a person from the moment they are touched until the day they die. Confessors are called whenever a crime that is so egregious that it would result in death occurs, and when they accused would prefer a life of ultimate submission to their false accusation.

Not everyone agrees with the Confessors, or their practices, and some are kept ignorant in order to be protected from magic. They created two borders, one to wall out a nameless evil, and one to keep magic itself at bay. Guardians stand along that border, strange, strong, competent men and women that hunt down whatever is left of things that attempt to cross.

Even in this rich and strange world, the tradition of prophecy exists, and a young man is thrown out of his town and into the story through betrayal, assistance, and love. He travels the length of the varied countries and learns that the places outside of his homeland are so different and sometimes wonderful that they may actually make the pieces of his life fit back together.

Together with the Mother Confessor he finds himself pulled down a path of mystery and predestination, challenging the borders and the enemy that lies on the other side.

Humorous and Epic, Wizard's First Rule explores the full palette of human emotion and experience.

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