Thursday, August 25, 2016

Legend: Star Studded Cast and Christian Mythology at its Best

The crossover of Christianity into mythology began hundreds of years ago as the Roman Empire reached Ireland. It's said that, as they leaped from their ships and waded ashore, they took in the sky clad Celtic warriors, painted blue and singing their eerie war cries and, for the first time in the history of the Empire, the Legions faltered. Their witches darted in and out of the ranks, carrying torches and casting enchantments, and the Legions ventured forward.

The short version is that Ireland was conquered. The long version is that The Holy Roman Empire fell and we wound up with Yule, Easter and Halloween. Since then, the oldest of mythologies has become entangled in the Christian belief system (some say that Jesus, after he rose, took a path to Ireland to find Lillith's descendants). Legend is an excellent example of this.

Lily is a Lady from the hill and Jack is a forest boy. He knows the secrets that peasants share, about fairies, spirits and monsters. She's kinder than most nobles and wanders down to the dells and forests often, eventually falling in love with Jack. Her innocence is the innocence of a sheltered life and his is that of a wild thing, not knowing the corruption of politics.

He takes her to see the two unicorns that keep their wild places filled with wonder and magic and, against his warnings, she touches one. Innocence is lost and the goblins steal the mare's horn, an eternal winter falls. If you're not reading between the lines here then you're probably missing the true story that makes legends.

Lily is stolen by the Devil (played by Tim Curry) and offered her hearts desire, if only she'll seek power. She lies, and asks to kill the last unicorn, so that she has a chance to free it. In the meantime Jack (Tom Cruise) seeks out his fairy friends and goes on a series of quests to save her and bring the unicorn back its horn.

Magic and mythos, fury and desire, Legend is a great way to steal away for an hour or so. You won't want to come back.

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