Sunday, August 21, 2016

Legend of Kyrandia: Traditional Modern Mythology, Cutting Edge Interface

The year was 1992 and the Company was Westwood Studios. The Legend of Kyrandia was released with a very small amount of fanfare, receiving reviews in only a few magazines. It instantly became a cult classic, missed by most of the population- but with a rabid following.

You play Brandon, the Royal Mystic's grandson (known only as grandfather to the innocent protagonist), your quest is to save the bond between the otherworld and the world of man. The magic is fairly traditional for fantasy at that time- a combination of puzzles and energy infusions. The Neo-Wiccan mix makes for an easy to understand framework, with a cast of quirky characters.

The point and click interface is incredible. Instead of a dozen options there is one- click on something or click on something With something, and see if anything happens. In a gamer's world of experimental interfaces and combat development, the simplicity of the click and flag interaction is refreshing and uncomplicated.

The graphics were beyond cutting edge for the time, and the soundtrack is actually enjoyable, it's an mp4 format from two decades ago. If you're into adventure games, mythology, quirky cult classics, or any of the above, you'll adore Kyrandia.

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