Friday, August 19, 2016

Finder's Seekers: Ghatti's Tale Book 1

Gayle Greeno starts a world apart in this science fiction series that passes very closely for fantasy. Humans have landed on a planet that has a race of extremely large, sentient cats. The founders quickly form a close bond with the psychic cats, using them to help run the loosely knit justice system named the Seekers. Years pass and the roots of their society are forgotten.

When her lover Oriel is brutally murdered, Doyce starts hunting for answers. A series of crimes leads her to a spoiled member of the upper class who she can  barely stand, let alone work with. Unfortunately he's a Seeker and she is forced to follow his lead.

From secret societies of psychics, to mystery and murder, Finder's Seekers is a win. The relationships between the Ghatti and the Seekers is interesting- they interact with more playfulness than the Heralds and their Companions in the Valdemar series, but serve the same function as wandering judges and investigators. The relationship between the main character and her spoiled, rich companion is cliched but fun and you'll stick with the series all the way through just to spend time with the characters in their world.

The sci-fi element adds a cool twist- while it seems forced in the Valdemar series, in the Ghatti's Tales it's very integral and woven in from the start. The series can get a bit gritty but overall is an enjoyable read with engaging personalities and good dialogue. It's a little something different, especially for fantasy novels from that era.

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