Saturday, August 27, 2016

Dennis L. McKiernan: Caverns of Socrates

The Black Foxes are the best gamers on the D&D circuit, so good that they actually retired. Years have passed and when they get the call to head out to a remote millionaire's to try out the latest in gaming software, fully immersive virtual reality, how can they resist? They agree to play out a mutable version of the one of the goriest, but most engaging fantasy novels, and to endure the experiments necessary to prep them for it. But every agreement brings more challenges, can they survive the memories that aren't actually theirs?

And once they are inside, can love and experience overcome the gruesome realities that are so enchanting when played at a round table and so horrifying when they stare you in the face? Who is the actual villain? The AI gone rogue who has agreed to play the bad guy- for a true challenge- or the flawed human doctor who couldn't see the logical drawbacks to that?

Can the Foxes actually even emerge from the reality that their senses insist exists? And if they do- will they ever really be home?

The best of fantasy meets the best of sci-fi. In the same style as Rooster's Teeth's Red vs. Blue Series (Click for your moment of Zen)- but before Rooser's Teeth made it cool (stupidly smart, or smartly stupid)- Cavern of Socrates explores the myth that we can only ever know the shadows on the wall of the cave in which we are chained (original typo- changed, to remain). Never the world itself.

A study on culture without knowing it's a study on culture, an exploration into quanta before the science of nested realities was really being developed, Cavern is a true sci-fi novel- and I promise you it is also truly fantasy. It explores that derivative which is just hitting the markets- Virtual Reality.

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