Sunday, August 28, 2016

Charlaine Harris: Dead Until Dark

 The series starts strong, but the overall storyline, the driving heartbeat of it, makes me describe the adventures of Sookie, a southern psychic waitress, as pure camp. 

The South has always been slow to change its ways, and the emergence of vampires could be an allegory for the struggles that the gossip hives of small towns create with their love/hate relationship of everything different, scandalous and otherwise scintillating.

The book largely stays true to those adjectives. Sookie is a blonde and beautiful southern belle who has always been able to hear other peoples voices... as they think. To her, vampires are a breath of fresh air, because it's impossible to read their minds. The last thing she wants is the dish on someone's failing relationship, what they're hiding and that last, worst thing that they did. It sets her apart in the Bon Temps. 

The storyline evolves naturally from there, into the novels that many are familiar with from the original series "True Blood". Vampires are able to reveal themselves, finally, due to the synthetic blood manufactured by the Japanese. It's the only hint of sci-fi, the rest is fantasy and unadulterated southern charm- from sexy alpha males to proper, old money, ways. 

Harris explores a good deal of mythology, which is presented fairly authentically- with a modern twist. For a guilt free experience, try the Southern Vampire Novels.

For a quick look at Charlaine's PC Game, featuring Dahlia (from a vamp's view!) click Here!

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