Saturday, June 18, 2016

All of Katherine Kerr: But Especially A Time of Omens

In a world filled with tropes and stereotypes, Katherine Kerr stands out, with her Westland's Cycle. She merges the old school Celtic knotted style storytelling with modern character development and gripping fantasy. The interesting thing about her series is that you can pick up any book of the fourteen and not feel like you've missed a thing.

Kerr follows the same four main figures, a star crossed couple, separated and brought together time and again by magic and destiny, a jealous former husband who- through his incarnations- develops into an incredible person, a half elf wanderer and an itinerant sorceress. Their lives and reincarnations weave into and out of each other as magic keeps them in this world longer than most, and you are drawn back into the karmic twists of what is stolen and owed from each life as they find each other again.

Deverry is a colorful, magical world with heavy Welsh overtones and it grows along with the characters and their stories. It's fascinating to watch the complex interweave of their lives as it affects the politics and cultures of Deverry and its surrounding islands. Magic has been living on the other side of reality in an every changing in-between and is slowly merging back with the modern realm. Wizards and sorceresses are the only ones who can cross over, and time goes mad when they do.

This installation features the half elf wanderer Ebany as he moves from his clan of entertainers to chase a familiar Tarot deck into slavery and one of the older main characters- the cursed lover Jill- as she takes the place of her mentor Nevyn. The war that is being brought on by the merge of magic is just starting to unfold and there is a heavier focus on political intrigue.

It's a struggle to follow the natural order as they move through their lives, but each of the main characters- whose names change as their lives cross over- find that the flow of this world is eventually the only thing that matters. And that leaving the past behind requires satisfying it, and can bring you peace.

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