Saturday, May 7, 2016

Dreams Underfoot: 19 Stories to Bring Wonder into your Life

When it comes to modern fantasy, Charles deLint is a giant among men. Urban fantasy has devolved from edgy and eerie stories set in modern times to red covered novels with women in leather and heels that draw you in with their succulent prose and spit you out with their lack of a coherent plot. There's a section for that, and it's called Romance- the sizzle makes up for the lack of substance.

Having said all of that, any reader can see why a delicate touch that gently weaves Native America beliefs in with urban faeries and modern mythos would stand out on the shelves that are slowly becoming filled with one hit wonders that scored three book trilogies- and often didn't finish them.

Enter Newford, a city in middle America that has angels and demons wandering the streets and finds wonder in the everday. Dreams Underfoot is a nod to Yeats whose moving poem, The Cloths of Heaven, ends "tread softly, for you tread on my dreams."

DeLint moves from novels to short story collections in a Celtic fashion, weaving the threads of previously closed tales into longer stories and letting them find their way back out again into their own adventures. From the story of Zoe, an everyday girl and nighttime DJ, and Gordon Wolfe- a man with two souls- to the tale of Tallulah, the spirit of a city who falls in love with a man, but has to leave as time goes by and she becomes too cold and hard to love anyone, DeLint explores the Otherworld in a way that is so practical and modern that it leaves you breathless and changed.

A step away from your average fantasy novel and a cut above modern mythologies like Twilight, Dreams Underfoot sets your feet on the path of wonder, one story at a time.

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