Friday, April 8, 2016

Wolf Among Us Survey

Mythology has largely replaced religion in modern day philosophy, computer games have taken over for storytelling, and Telltale Games is one of the best companies out there for adventure style gaming.

The Wolf Among Us follows a modern trend of cultural revival and dystopia which is brought about by the Twenty First Century's fascination with existential crisis. With edgy graphic novel style animation and attractive but gritty main characters, the game draws you in quickly.

The adapted Grimm's Fairy Tale stars have been drawn back out of Disnefication and thrown into the real world in New York City where they have hidden among us for a hundred years. Unfortunately being a princess or a pig does not prepare you for city life so Fabletown is very dark and insular, and is policed only by you- the Big Bad Wolf.

Fables caught without their glamour are sent back to the Farm where they live with the other washouts in a presumably less real otherworld, as it is a terrifying punishment for the characters. Unfortunately, like most self policed areas, Fabletown is devolving into gang activity and you are acting as much as a hard boiled detective as a certified Sheriff.

The hook is- can you beat your bad rap and still make it in an area that is as mean as Fabletown, and in defending your own innocence, can you protect what little innocence the Fables have left?

 Take the survey below to let us know what you think of the clip so far, and how we should play.

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